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Executive Summary

Plate leftovers are a major cause of food waste in restaurants. To reduce food waste, many restaurants encourage customers to use “doggy bags” to take away their plate leftovers. However, the efficiency of adopting such leftover bags is still questionable as some customers may feel embarrassed to use leftover bags. Hence, the current research aims to explore how to leverage different linguistic styles (figurative vs. literal language) to encourage the usage of leftover bags for food waste reduction purposes. Furthermore, this research will investigate the linguistic style efficiency in various restaurant dining contexts across two empirical studies. Study 1 will examine customers’ responses to different linguistic style messages when they make orders either with or without the restaurant server around (server taking the order vs. customer ordering by using the table tablet). Study 2 will examine whether there are any differences in terms of linguistic impacts on food waste reduction when customers are with or without other customers around (solo diners vs. group diners).