ICHRIE Research Reports

Executive Editors: Lisa Young, DePaul University
  Chris Roberts, DePaul University
Journal Assistant: Jenn Vallimont, DePaul University

The purpose of the ICHRIE Research Reports is to generate a series of peer-reviewed research reports that are based on academic research findings and is targeted towards industry practitioners and policymakers. ICHRIE Research Reports translate academic research findings into practical applications.

We are pleased to feature the winning articles from the 2023 ICHRIE Research Reports Competition.

First Place Title:
Robot Chef Adoption: The New Industry Strategy To Combat Labor
Jeffrey Pittman ll, Cindy Choi, James J. Taylor
Second Place Title:
Level Up Eco-Friendly Hotel Stay: Guest Power Up and Save Energy with Gamification
Aili Wu, Juhee Kang, Wei Wei, David J. Kwun
Third Place Title:
Virtual Reality Images as a Tool in Hotel Promotions: Is It Effective and Worth Investment?
Lisa Slevitch, Tilanka Chandrasekera, Luis Mejia Puig
Best Reviewer:
Wangoo Lee

The ICHRIE Research Reports are electronically published with open access to all ICHRIE members.

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Volume 9 Issue 3 (2024)



Using Gerontechnology for Care Transition Conversations in Senior Living
Roschelle L. Fritz, Catherine Van Son, Chris Veloicaza, Stephanie Soriano, and Gabrielle Barling