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Action in Education (Alumni Publications)

Action in Education is a newsletter publication for DePaul University's College of Education alumni and friends. The mission of the College of Education is to prepare educators, counselors and leaders who are committed to creating equitable, compassionate, intellectually rich and socially just environments.

Annals of the Congregation of the Mission: A Collection of Edifying Letters (Vincentian Journals and Publications)

The Annals of the Congregation: A Collection of Edifying Letters was published by the Congregation of the Mission from 1894-1926. The volumes include descriptions of the lives and missionary work of countless Vincentian priests and Daughters of Charity, as well as eyewitness accounts of missionaries, chaplains, and battlefield nurses who experienced conflicts including the First Sino-Japanese War, the Phillippine Revolution and Spanish-American War, the Boxer Rebellion, the Mexican Revolution, and most importantly World War I.

Behind the Scenes: Journal of Theatre Production Practice (Theatre School)

Behind the Scenes: Journal of Theatre Production Practice is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal focusing on the technical and production aspects of live performance.

Business Exchange (Alumni Publications)

Business Exchange, published for DePaul University business alumni and friends by the Dreihaus College of Business, offers college news, feature articles on a variety of business topics, alumni profiles, statistics, and professional development information for individuals in all areas of business.

Common Knowledge (2013-2019) (Alumni Publications)

Common Knowledge was the newsletter of DePaul's School for New Learning, which offered innovative competence and course-based undergraduate and graduate programs designed to meet the needs of working adults, age 24 and older. With the name change of the school to School for Continuing and Professional Studies in 2019, the title for this newsletter was changed to Reimaginings and continues at

Conversations (Alumni Publications)

Conversations is the newsletter publication for alumni and friends of DePaul University's College of Communication. The college provides critical-thinking and practical skills needed for a career in journalism, radio, television and film; relational, organizational, healthcare and small-group communication; or public relations and advertising.

DePaul Business & Commercial Law Journal (College of Law)

ISSN 1542-2763

The DePaul Business & Commercial Law Journal is a scholarly journal published biannually under the direction of a student board of editors at DePaul University College of Law. The Law Journal includes notes and comments on current issues in business and commercial law.

DePaul Discoveries (College of Science and Health)

DePaul Discoveries

Susan D. McMahon, PhD

DePaul Discoveries is a peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal published by DePaul University’s College of Science and Health.

DePaul Journal for Social Justice (College of Law)

ISSN 2151-3090

The DePaul Journal for Social Justice promotes discussion of social justice and international human rights law policy issues, encourages submissions of interdisciplinary work, and accepts work with a non-conventional presentation. The discussions involve legal professionals, including community-based leaders, academics and students. Though the journal uses a traditional law review framework, it also explores alternative types of publication and expands content options to broaden access and better engage readers.

DePaul Journal of Art, Technology & Intellectual Property Law (College of Law)

ISSN 1061-0553

The DePaul Journal of Art, Technology & Intellectual Property Law (JATIP) publishes articles by students, practicing attorneys and other professionals that address current and developing legal and policy issues in the intellectual property, visual and performing arts, technology, and cultural heritage fields.

DePaul Journal of Health Care Law (College of Law)

ISSN 1551-8426

Each year the DePaul Journal of Health Care Law publishes articles on health law subjects of current interest to health care practitioners, legal researchers, scholars and health care professionals. The editors welcome submission of manuscripts by established scholars in the field of health care law, as well as the broad field of health care where matters of ethics, medical practices or economics have legal implications. To contact the editors, please email

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

DePaul Journal of Sports Law (College of Law)

ISSN 0011-7188

The problems that affect sports are the same ones that affect people in their everyday lives, from labor agreements to discrimination. The DePaul Journal of Sports Law is a student-produced journal that explores these critical issues with articles written by practitioners and students.

See the Aims and Scope for more details regarding the purpose and mission of the Journal.

DePaul Journal of Women, Gender and the Law (College of Law)

ISSN 2167-0560

Welcome to the DePaul Journal of Women, Gender & the Law (JWGL), a student-run law publication. JWGL is committed to advancing legal rights concerning women and gender both domestically and internationally. Each issue seeks to explore issues and propose solutions to current legal topics relating to women and gender.

DePaul Law Review (College of Law)

ISSN 0011-7188

The DePaul Law Review is a scholarly journal published four times a year by students at DePaul University College of Law. The Law Review serves as a forum for practitioners, judges, professors, and law students to discuss and analyze important topics in the law. The DePaul Law Review was organized in 1951. Throughout the years, the members of the DePaul Law Review have remained committed to fostering pure and intellectual research.

DePaul Magazine (Alumni Publications)

DePaul Magazine is published for DePaul alumni and friends by the Division of Advancement and External Relations. Inquiries, comments and letters are welcome and should be sent to

Diálogo (Center for Latino Research)

ISSN 1090-4972

Diálogo is an interdisciplinary, blind refereed journal published since 1996 by the Center for Latino Research at DePaul University in Chicago. Diálogo seeks research articles of regional and national contexts with focus on diverse Latin American and U.S. Latino experiences, recent Latino immigration and places of origin, including indigenous experience.

ICHRIE Research Reports (Driehaus College of Business)

ISSN 2476-1060

ICHRIE Research Reports

Executive Editors: Lisa Young, DePaul University
  Chris Roberts, DePaul University
Journal Assistant: Jenn Vallimont, DePaul University

The purpose of the ICHRIE Research Reports is to generate a series of peer-reviewed research reports that are based on academic research findings and is targeted towards industry practitioners and policymakers. ICHRIE Research Reports translate academic research findings into practical applications.

We are pleased to feature the winning articles from the 2023 ICHRIE Research Reports Competition.

First Place Title:
Robot Chef Adoption: The New Industry Strategy To Combat Labor
Jeffrey Pittman ll, Cindy Choi, James J. Taylor
Second Place Title:
Level Up Eco-Friendly Hotel Stay: Guest Power Up and Save Energy with Gamification
Aili Wu, Juhee Kang, Wei Wei, David J. Kwun
Third Place Title:
Virtual Reality Images as a Tool in Hotel Promotions: Is It Effective and Worth Investment?
Lisa Slevitch, Tilanka Chandrasekera, Luis Mejia Puig
Best Reviewer:
Wangoo Lee

The ICHRIE Research Reports are electronically published with open access to all ICHRIE members.

Questions or concerns: .

Insights (Alumni Publications)

Insights is the newsletter publication for alumni and friends of DePaul University's College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. It is the oldest college at DePaul, with 29 undergraduate majors and graduate programs that provide students with a liberal arts education that balances in-depth study with a breadth of experience in the various disciplines that form the core of human knowledge.

International Human Rights Law Journal (College of Law)

ISSN 2475-0794

In The Loop (Alumni Publications)

In the Loop is a newsletter publication for alumni and friends of DePaul University's College of Computing and Digital Media. The college's three schools - Cinematic Arts, Computing and Design - offer innovative foundations and practical applications for today’s most sought-after skills and credentials.

Journal of Religion and Business Ethics (LAS Proceedings, Projects and Publications)

ISSN 2153-0319

There are five basic tenets that underlie the need for a forum to discuss the application of religious ethics to the economy and the practices of businesses within the economy:

  • Capitalism is extending its reach to all corners of the globe and its scope and influence are changing the ways people conceive of their ethical responsibilities.
  • As a result of globalization, new synergies have emerged between formerly independently developing economies and markets, triggering new modes of behavior that challenge traditional notions of right and wrong.
  • New and intriguing ethical ideas and moral systems have appeared in many religious traditions that can be applied in helpful ways to business and the economy.
  • Recent developments in corporate and economic life call for new policies and ethical responses.
  • In response to said developments, novel academic and governance debates are emerging. These debates have local, regional and global dimensions and lack an appropriate forum.

For more information, please see the Aims and Scope page.

Mille-Feuille Magazine Littéraire (French Program)

The Mille-Feuille Magazine Littéraire journal

Mille-Feuille is a French Literary Magazine sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the Department of Modern Languages, the Study Abroad Office and Student Life at DePaul University. Each year, students enrolled in third year French at DePaul partake in all the aspects of the production of Mille-Feuille: they apply for grants, take care of the advertising, choose the art for the cover, read and select the submissions, provide editorial suggestions, and do the typesetting. Mille-Feuille is a collective venture that brings together students and faculty interested in French from a variety of institutions. The magazine is also an exciting means of staying in touch with our alumni and former Study Abroad participants, scattered across the country and abroad, for whom the publication of Mille-Feuille has become a yearly rendez-vous.

Mille-Feuille was not published in 1998, 2009, and 2012.

Reimaginings (Alumni Publications)

Reimaginings (formerly Common Knowledge) is the newsletter publication for alumni and friends of DePaul University's School for Continuing and Professional Studies. The school offers a broad, highly relevant array of Bachelor of Arts and Master’s degrees, with innovative competence and course-based programs designed to meet the needs of working adults, and includes a broad and growing array of certificates and courses, both through the school and other colleges at DePaul.

Scientia (Alumni Publications)

Scientia is the newsletter publication for alumni and friends of DePaul University's College of Science and Health. Created in 2011 as a response to the nation’s growing demands for science and health professionals, the College of Science and Health provides students with innovative, science-based curricula with a strong liberal arts foundation. Its departments represent the natural sciences, mathematics, psychology, nursing and health science.

Staff Publications -- Department of Economics (Department of Economics)

Citations to recent articles published by Department of Economics faculty at DePaul University.

Vincentiana (Vincentian Journals and Publications)

VIncentiana is the journal of the General Curia of the Congregation of the Mission in Rome, Italy. The contents reflect the myriad interests of the Congregation of the Mission across the world, and speak to a legacy that stretches back almost 400 years to the community's founding by St. Vincent de Paul.

First published in 1958, Vincentiana featured a number of different languages until 1995, when the Curia made the decision to publish each issue separately in French, English, and Spanish. The issue contents reflect that change.


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Vincentian Heritage Journal (Vincentian Journals and Publications)

ISSN 0277-2205

All articles have been tagged for content to streamline the searching process. You may wish to consult our list of terms used to help find articles of interest to you. Please see: VH Article Tag List. (PDF)

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