The Bible: the Perfect Primer on Immigration Law for Senator Sessions,” Chicago Theological Seminary

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... But what would Senator Sessions advocate if his Bible was not available to guide his decisions? I suggest a simple thought experiment. What if the immigration law that he has so energetically advocated held force during biblical times? What if the biblical protagonists were subject to these civil and criminal restrictions? Some might be barred and others deported from the land prior to engaging in the activity that then became part of not only the biblical narrative, but western culture.... Rev. Mousin is the author of “You Were Told to Love the Immigrant, But What if the Story Never Happened? Hospitality and United States Immigration Law” upon which this posting is based and which provides greater detail on the immigration violations discussed above: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/Papers.cfm?abstract_id=2784951

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Challenge & Response Blog (Chicago Theological Seminary)