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Executive Summary

Millennials will represent 75% of the global workforce by 2025. They were born and raised in an era of rapid technological development, better access to education, and growing globalization. They are often characterized as protected by Baby Boomer parents and society. They are technologically-savvy, achievement-oriented, team-oriented, job-hoppers, and focused on life-balance. It is essential to understand their values in term of work attitudes and behaviors. Employees’ commitment to customer service is particularly important in the hotel sector as it results in greater customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as better service quality. We surveyed hotel employees in the United States and China to see if they might differ in terms of their work attitude and behaviors. Millennial employees in both cultures expressed a solid commitment to customer service and their attitudes towards power distance, empowerment, employee voice, and team member exchange were similar. The distinct difference was considering how these factors might predict employees’ commitment to customer service, where team member exchange was the most significant predictor for U. S. employees while employee voice was the most significant predictor for the Chinese hotel employees. The findings of this study will help hotel managers understand Generation Y’s values in term of work attitudes and behaviors in a cross-cultural workplace.