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Interdisciplinary Studies


African American students, critical race theory, curriculum, epistemological racism, white supremacy ideology


This literature review presents an analysis of race ideology within U.S. society and schools in order to understand how such ideologies are transmitted to African American students through Eurocentric curricula and thus can perpetuate racism. Recognizing that American curricula originates from social control elements and that schools are institutions responsible for preparing students for the world they live in (Apple, 2004; Apple & King, 1983; Giroux, 2001; and Giroux & Penna, 1979); I focus on African American students’ experience with a Eurocentric curriculum and how this curriculum influences their social identity and ability to successfully navigate society. Essentially, the literature review I am positing emphasizes curricular influence on student interactions with and within society. With literature from several disciplines, I review scholarship using critical race theory in education as a conceptual, methodological, and theoretical framework to answer the following questions:

• How does white supremacy ideology intersect with Eurocentric curriculum;

• how does the intersection (epistemological racism) affect the psyche of African American students and;

• how can critical race theory (CRT) in education and critical pedagogy aid African American students in comprehending their social identity and their interactions in and understanding of US society?