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Aloysia Dugan D.C.


This inventory of the archives of the Daughters of Charity's Emmitsburg Province includes books and other items on Vincent de Paul, including two original letters; materials on Louise de Marillac; papers, including letters and manuscripts, of Elizabeth Ann Seton and other materials about her; community publications and histories of both the Congregation and the Daughters; materials on community saints and blessed, including Catherine Laboure, Francis Regis Clet, and John Gabriel Perboyre; Constitutions and Rules of the Daughters and other items on religious governance; letters of the superiors general, mothers general, and others; historical materials on the Emmitsburg Province, including information on superioresses/visitratrixes and influential events in the province’s life; items related to the province’s missions; guidelines, instructions, etc. for formation; materials on general and provincial assemblies; and more.