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Guillermo Campuzano C.M.


Guillermo Campuzano, vice president of DePaul University’s Office of Mission and Ministry, reflects on the inequities and societal and environmental fragility that the COVID-19 pandemic reveals. Vincentian spirituality and theology have always been attuned to what is happening in the world and finding God’s call to action within current events. They can be used to maintain hope and a sense of God’s presence in the midst of the world disaster and can shape our response to the problems we are facing. Campuzano describes the pandemic’s effects on the university community and how the university’s leadership responded, drawing lessons that can be applied to society as a whole. As he writes, “God is calling us. We are being asked not only to respond adequately to the emergency, but to transform our way of life, and to relate to nature, to others, and to God in a more humane way as Jesus showed us in the gospels. . . . God is found not in the virus, but in the strength to respond to it with wisdom, solidarity, intelligence, and compassion.”