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Stan Chu Ilo Ph.D.


Stan Chu Ilo takes a detailed look at the vulnerabilities of the poor within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and of global inequities in general, with a special focus on marginalized people in Africa. Because of its impact on the social determinants of health, which are explained, racism has exacerbated the pandemic’s effects. For this reason, Chu Ilo explores different definitions of power. He advocates a biosocial ethical approach to health—one that considers how people’s living conditions and behavior on both the global and individual levels affect health care decision-making and health outcomes. He discusses the need for the Church and the world to commit to a “prophetic praxis of hope”—“a change in mindsets, change in our ecclesial priorities and practices, and change in the Church’s teachings, institutional culture, and hierarchy of power and privilege.” He calls Catholic universities like DePaul to be “laborator[ies] for creating a new global vision of justice that is built on the power of love.”