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Raymond Sickinger Ph.D.


François Lallier, a successful lawyer, judge, and chevalier, was a close friend of Frédéric Ozanam and a founder of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. In the words of Raymond Sickinger, he was “a perfect example of a professional person who is deeply engaged in his community and who helps to transform it, just as Ozanam and the early members of the Society had envisioned.” Lallier’s life, friendship with Ozanam, and contributions to the Society are recounted. He served as secretary general and also established a new branch of the Society in Sens. Excerpts from his letters to Ozanam and from his circular letters to the Society are quoted at length. As Sickinger writes, “Throughout the Society’s history, the circular letters have remained an important source of inspiration and instruction. They constituted a primary example of promoting transparency and solidarity within the fledgling Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.” Lallier’s other writings and addresses on social issues are summarized.