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Annelle Fitzpatrick C.S.J., Ph.D.


As Vincentian university students become increasingly diverse in religion, hospitality should assume a new dimension on those campuses. Annelle Fitzpatrick asserts that while maintaining their Catholic identity, Vincentian universities should be “extra sensitive to how [their] words are heard and interpreted by non-Catholics who are new to the Catholic culture.” Fitzpatrick reflects on Genesis 18, when Abraham welcomes three strangers to his tent. He takes the initiative to invite them; Fitzpatrick therefore argues that universities should take initiative by learning about what other religions have in common with the Catholic and Vincentian traditions. She outlines beliefs, values, and practices of Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism that are similar to those traditions. She envisions the creation of “Abraham’s Tent,” an interfaith forum on a variety of social and moral issues, so that students and faculty may learn from other religious perspectives.