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John J. Navone S.J.


John Navone explains how human hospitality “images the tri-personal God of Christians who is love.” He also discusses how Jesus’s parables invite us to participate in God’s hospitality and call us to be hospitable to others. Beauty is an important part of God’s hospitality because it is the aspect of the good that attracts us. Three moments of divine and human hospitality in salvation history are identified; in each, the human hosts meet God in the form of a stranger or strangers. Since the hospitality is freely given, it is reflective of grace and of our creation. We are given life out of “God sharing his bounty,” and therefore we must be generous. As Navone describes it, hospitality in the City of God “demand[s] a profound conversion of the heart and a conscious commitment to the quest for the common good.” Scriptural passages on hospitality are included.