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Joyana Dvorak


Joyana Dvorak gives an overview of the Vincentians in Action Service Immersion program. The program is an opportunity for DePaul University undergraduates to serve communities off-campus while being hosted by members of the Vincentian Family. In 2013, the program was assessed from the hosts’ viewpoint. The study’s methodology and results are discussed, often using hosts’ and students’ own words. As Dvorak writes, “The Vincentian legacy is passed in a meaningful way to the next generation through moments of Vincentian hospitality with [students’] peers, Vincentian hosts, and encounters with the community during the immersion experience.” The students form their own community and become part of their hosts’ community. Through their hosts’ status as persons the poor trust, students are able to encounter poverty in much deeper ways than they would if they had no introduction to communities of poor persons. Students also learn about their own vulnerability and spirituality, even if they are not Catholic.