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Susanne M. Dumbleton Ph.D.


Susanne Dumbleton explains what Vincentian universities in general can do to accomplish poverty reduction. Graduates should be prepared for careers that would enable them to influence government and the private sector to adopt the best solutions for poverty reduction. Students already in leadership positions should be empowered with skills and knowledge to increase their projects’ success. Poor persons’ access to education should be increased. Research should be conducted on poverty and poverty reduction. Dumbleton’s specific focus is on the undergraduate program at Tangaza College in Nairobi and its partnership with DePaul University. At the time she was writing, the program was geared toward helping Catholic religious and laypersons alleviate poverty and suffering on an individual level. Dumbleton explores how the program might be broadened so that graduates’ service careers could still help individuals while also being directed toward macro-level poverty reduction. Some of the ways education and small-scale social service exacerbates poverty are examined, with suggestions for avoiding such problems.