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Edward R. Udovic C.M., Ph.D.


Edward Udovic believes that the success that DePaul University enjoys today depends on its translation of the Vincentian mission and values into modern terms to meet modern needs. Like Vincent de Paul himself, the university is “values-driven, connected to the community, supportive of diversity . . . risk-tak[ing], innovative, and pragmatic.” The state of the Congregation is such that its members may lack a “physical presence, canonical sponsorship role, or governance role” at DePaul by 2023. However, it is already passing on its values to the lay members of the university, ensuring that its Vincentian character will continue even without Vincentians. Udovic explains the measures that have been taken and those that remain to be adopted for a proper transition to full lay leadership. He also describes how mission effectiveness is measured at DePaul and the promising early results of those measurements. The importance and goals of the Hay-Vincentian Leadership Project are discussed.