Presenter Information

Marco Tavanti Ph.D.


As the Hay-Vincentian Leadership Project (HLP) becomes international in scope, Vincentian values must be applied in and sometimes adapted to cross-cultural contexts. The concepts of cultural diversity, cultural competence, and cultural intelligence are explained in general and against a Vincentian background. Qualities that make leaders effective in cross-cultural situations are explored. Vincent de Paul set an example for such success in the preparation he mandated for those going on foreign missions and in the sensitivity he showed in his own work with people from other cultures. Culture’s relationship to leadership is examined using the work of the anthropologist Edward Hall and other scholars. The methods by which the HLP assists and assesses cross-cultural Vincentian leadership development are described. The leadership model arising from the HLP’s research is outlined and diagrammed. Specifically Vincentian cross-cultural competencies are identified, as are the different intelligences needed for successful Vincentian leadership. The importance of spiritual intelligence is emphasized.