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Gertrude Foley S.C.


Gertrude Foley explores how we can find “relevant continuity between the saints and ourselves that can advance us along the path to holiness.” She cautions against focusing on just a few aspects of Louise de Marillac’s life. Instead, she urges us to learn about Louise’s spirituality in its entirety through her writings and to see it within the context of “the universal call to holiness.” Holiness is a total, gradual, lifelong process that encompasses everything that makes an individual and his or her life unique. It is a commitment to God made with love. Foley quotes Karl Truhlar, who says “love is always pressing forward to a stage beyond what it has achieved at a given moment.” For Foley, this is the key to understanding Louise and “how her life might challenge and confront our own.” The connection between Louise’s holiness and her apostolic zeal is also discussed.