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Kathryn LaFleur S.P.


This detailed article gives extensive information on the French school of spirituality, especially its major influences and characteristics. Pierre de Berulle was one of its founders, and great attention is paid to his background, his spiritual doctrine, the principles of his spirituality and the way his successors developed them further, and the language used within the school. The school was known for being “theocentric and Trinitarian, Christocentric, Marian, pastoral, and ecclesial.” Important figures of the French school profiled in this article are Jean-Jacques Olier, Jean Eudes, Francis de Sales, and Vincent de Paul. Finally, Louise de Marillac is placed within the school. The people who were essential to her spiritual life are described. The article demonstrates how the school’s principles and language are evident in her writings. The nuances that Louise brought to this spirituality are also explained.