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Judith Metz S.C.


This list continues from volume 18, issue 1 and includes Elizabeth Seton materials from all non-Sister/Daughter of Charity repositories. It begins the listing for Saint Joseph’s Provincial House, which holds the largest collection of Elizabeth’s writings. The archives from the Archdiocese of Baltimore contain letters from her to Bishop/Archbishop Carroll, including those from when William Dubourg forbade the Sisters of Charity’s correspondence with Pierre Babade, and those that explain her difficulties with John David. One describes her concerns about the impact the Rules of the Daughters of Charity will have on her community. Another is about her worries with regard to reconciling the Constitutions with her obligations to her children. Other letters to Antonio Filicchi are about her spiritual struggles over her conversion. At least three different repositories have letters to the Harpers about their children. Other letters in other archives are written to and about Elizabeth’s own children and other family. Saint Joseph’s Provincial House has letters from her to her superiors and many spiritual reflections and materials. It also has the 1815 journal she kept for Simon Brute detailing life among the early Sisters of Charity.