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Regina Bechtle S.C.
Judith Metz S.C.


At the time this article was written, the Sisters of Charity Federation was planning to publish all of Elizabeth Seton’s writings, which were held in fifteen repositories throughout the United States and Canada. In preparation for this, annotated lists of the contents of each repository were to appear in Vincentian Heritage. This first one documents all the archives of the Sisters of Charity and the Daughters of Charity except Saint Joseph Provincial House in Emmitsburg. Most of the items in the list are letters from Elizabeth to her family, especially her children, and to Antonio Filicchi and his family. Many of those to Filicchi are about her struggle to convert and the aftermath of that decision. Other documents include the Leghorn journal, which Elizabeth kept from her arrival in Leghorn, Italy, until her husband’s death; spiritual reflections on various subjects; and religious books, including Elizabeth’s copy of The Following of Christ with marginal notes.