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Donald J. Harrington C.M.


Donald Harrington, the president of St. John’s University, explores the dimensions that the Vincentian charism adds to work in education. The mission of Vincentian education is to instill Vincentian values, particularly love of the poor, in others. It is to help persons who are poor create better lives for themselves and “to preach Christ the evangelizer of the poor” to members of all social classes. Vincentian education is nourished by Vincentian spirituality. Educators must create an environment in which all are respected, so that God may be found in everyone. Educators’ actions will help others to know God. Vincentian education should respond to the culture of the times and should be done in collaboration with others. Educators are responsible for these collaborators’ formation so that they share in the Vincentian mission. Other aspects of Vincentian education are discussed.