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William Hartenbach C.M.


This article explores how Vincentian spirituality was embodied in Vincent de Paul and Frederic Ozanam. It draws parallels between their times and ours and discusses the ways in which their spirituality can be applied to the future. Particular emphasis is placed on Christ’s presence in persons who are poor and in those who are baptized. Baptism makes us all part of the body of Christ, creates relationships among us, and therefore “obliges us by justice” to care for others. To treat others with justice and with dignity is to make sure that meaning is acknowledged in every life and that every person’s needs are met. Vincentian spirituality is “a way of looking at the world and at our relationships; it is a way of making the judgments that direct our ordinary and extraordinary activities.” It is active and requires us to be involved in social and political debate. Suggestions for practicing Vincentian spirituality are offered.