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John E. Rybolt C.M., Ph.D.


This is the first of two studies on Vincentian seminaries in Louisiana. “The Ecclesiastical Seminary of Saint Vincent of Paul,” located in Bayou LaFourche, opened in November 1838 after about a decade of discussion. The Vincentians had initially refused to direct it because of the financial burden it would place on them and because of possible disruption to their existing seminary at the Barrens in Perryville, Missouri. However, John Timon accepted it because educating candidates for the priesthood was a Vincentian work. The circumstances of the seminary’s founding are recounted in detail. The seminary’s life, curriculum, faculty, and finances are also described. Notable Vincentians who worked there are profiled. The seminary burned down in 1855. An appendix reconstructs the roster of students and Vincentians at the seminary.