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Vie Thorgren


Psychology and spiritual theology are used in this personal reflection on Louise de Marillac’s generative integrity. Christian generativity is fulfilling others’ needs and doing God’s will without any expectation of return or even success. Louise had trouble trusting God, herself, and others because she lacked nurturing in her early childhood. She was able to overcome this through her friendship with Vincent de Paul and “her unique relationship with the generative Jesus.” These two elements enabled her to become generative herself. She wanted to imitate the hidden life of Jesus by doing God’s will, unseen by all but God. Author Vie Thorgren notes that Louise was particularly concerned with “the generativity of Jesus on the cross who cries out in thirst.” Louise wrote that when he thirsted without asking for relief, he “increased His own sufferings” in order to “apply His merits to all souls.” According to Thorgren, the Daughters of Charity were to “unite [their] service” with “the thirst of Jesus which is perfect charity.”