The Theatre School MFA in Directing Theses


Andrew Peters

Date of Award

Spring 6-10-2016

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Theatre Arts

First Advisor

Elizabeth Portes

Second Advisor

Damon Kiely


I struggle with language. I don’t trust definitions or labels. Words elude me – articulating a thought becomes a painful exercise for my brain. I often adhere too strictly to meaning, and can pinpoint when an idea I’m mulling over doesn’t quite fit the word I’m using to describe it. My workaround habit is tacking on less definite, open-ended phrases (“This is kind of…” “This might be…”) – the enemies of someone training to be a clearer, well-spoken leader.I am intrigued by messy human stories that can’t be told through realism alone. I seek truth through a more imaginative theatrical lens – one in which time, space, and reality work differently than what we experience in day-to-day life.