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Poster corresponding to Lila Nambo's research paper, presented at the STRC's 2023 Fall Symposium


The Bracero Program was a bi-nationally sponsored by the U.S. and Mexico which meant to provide labor in the agricultural and industrial sectors of American society during World War II. The program ran from 1942 and 1964 where about 4.5 million Mexican men were contracted to provide labor in the U.S. for a period of time not exceeding six months. There is much documented about the Bracero Program’s history, but there is not a vast amount of sources that focus on the braceros’ personal accounts on their experiences in the program. How the Bracero Program is remembered often doesn’t include the voices of the braceros themselves. How do Mexican workers in the Bracero Program look back on their experiences? I will use interviews with former braceros located in the Bracero History Archive to investigate how the braceros themselves make sense of their time in the program. Braceros voices and experiences still go overlooked and we must include them to understand the legacy that the Bracero program has left on the people that participated in it.