Date of Award

Spring 2010

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First Advisor

Karen Monkman, PhD


This study illustrates the presence and importance of an international perspective for educators in higher education. Taking into consideration the growth of internationalization in higher education, it is necessary to observe how Schools of Education incorporate that focus into their curriculum. In this study, the panelist investigates the extent to which a university School of Education in the United States has internationalized the curriculum for educators, both in theoretical discussions and in practice. The questions at hand are to discover how a school of education incorporates an international focus to the curriculum. What challenges do they encounter? What is the evolution and development of integrating that international focus? What are the faculty and student perceptions of the international focus, and the importance of such, within the curriculum at both the undergraduate and graduate level? Additionally, how does a school of education-sponsored study abroad opportunity contribute to the international focus of the curriculum? This case study of one university’s School of Education seeks to offer insight into the internationalization process for educators through faculty and student interviews, analysis of websites, policies, and syllabi, and participant observation in a School of Education sponsored study abroad. Findings reveal a productive tension between a focus within teacher education at the local level, and internationalizing the experience which informs their teaching.

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