Date of Award

Fall 2013

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Social and Cultural Foundations in Education


College of Education, Department of Educational Policy Studies and Research

First Advisor

Stephen Haymes, PhD

Second Advisor

Kenneth Saltman, PhD

Third Advisor

Enora Brown, PhD


Neocolonialism and neoliberalism are all offshoots or veiled forms of colonialism. The history of independence for colonized peoples in the late 1950s to mid1960s was a farce. In this work, I argue that colonialism only changed phase, switching into its more insidious form. This has had a very negative effect on education and culture in Cameroon, which has largely remained dependent on the West, singularly France, Britain, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, and Italy. Neoliberalism has brought destitution and deprived the people of their right to dignity as human beings. While I request that the West and America take their hands off the African continent, I challenge the Cameroonian to “SANKOFA”, an Akan (a tribe in Ghana) word which means to go back to the past, to learn from the wisdom of ancestors in order to move forward. Such a move will help sustain their hope in this time of utter misery.

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