Date of Award

Spring 6-10-2023

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


College of Education, Doctoral Program

First Advisor

Donna Kiel

Second Advisor

Toby Gardner

Third Advisor

Jackie Menoni


Across the United States millions of juveniles enter the criminal justice system each year. The foundational theories that are being used for this study are Hirschi’s Social learning theory and Shaw & McKay’s theory of Social Disorganization. The intention of this study is to explore the outcome of exposure factors on recidivism among male black juveniles from the perspectives of Juvenile Justice Professionals and Educators within the City of Chicago. Data will be collected from in-depth interviews with 10 minority participant's including Chicago Police Department Officers, Juvenile Detectives, a Cook County Juvenile Judge, Cook County Juvenile Correctional Officers, Educators, and a Juvenile Probation Counselor. This study provides an in-debt investigation into several exposure factors that contribute to juvenile recidivism from professionals who deal and encounter juvenile repeat offenders daily. Through interview’s, light will be shed on the voices and recommendations from each participant. The goal of this study is to find methods and strategies recommended by juvenile professionals and educators that will contribute to the reduction of recidivism among juvenile delinquents and may reduce the number of young adults entering the criminal justice system. Keywords: Juvenile Delinquents, Recidivism, Age, Dependent and neglected children, Social Disorganization Theory, Social Learning Theory, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice System, Black Juvenile, Chicago Police Department, Exposure/Risk Factors, Mental Illness/PTSD, Diversion program