Date of Award

Fall 11-23-2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Education


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Amira Proweller

Second Advisor

Francesca Royster

Third Advisor

James Duignan


Access to art education is limited for many historically excluded students. Teaching artists are instrumental in providing opportunities for students to engage in art educational programming. In this qualitative, critical narrative inquiry, the professional identities, teaching philosophies and practices of three teaching artists are explored. Teaching artists carry multiple professional identities and utilize them to best navigate pedagogical potential within and across educational contexts, inside and outside schools. Through semi-structured interviews and document analysis, their distinct pedagogies were examined and analyzed. Their pedagogical approaches could serve as models for other teaching artists and educators, generally. Findings revealed that their teaching practices are student-centered, relational, and collaborative. The findings also suggest that these teaching artists view teaching as reciprocity and with humility—they are learning along with their students. Critical care, equity and social justice are at the forefront of their work. Situating their work within a critical pedagogical and arts-based educational research (ABER) paradigm provides a space for their work, their voices, and stories to take center stage. Through this inquiry, the beneficial properties of art education for student learning, well-being, and students’ sense of belonging, are revealed as essential, particularly in this time of global crisis and national strife.

Included in

Art Education Commons