Date of Award

Spring 6-2016

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


College of Education, Doctoral Program

First Advisor

Anthony Dosen

Second Advisor

Barbara Stacy

Third Advisor

Sharon Damore


The K-12 schools offer professional development (PD) and technology resources for teachers every year that cost schools billions of dollars. The tools provided in the PD to teachers are typically quickly forgotten, and the schools administration moves forward with other pressing issues. What if we were to look at schools several years after a PD program was implemented and the technology resources were provided to teachers, would we see any effect? This study looks at three schools that participated in a PD program that had an influx of technology resources placed in the school in 2002. The data collected demonstrates that there was a lasting effect because of the intervention. The impact of the resources provided to the schools varies in its effectiveness, but certainly there is evidence that the resources and effort originally dedicated to the schools are still apparent.