Date of Award

Summer 11-2018

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


College of Education, Doctoral Program

First Advisor

Karen Monkman

Second Advisor

Jeffery Kuzmic

Third Advisor

Kevin J. Burke


The primary emphasis of this research is the exploration and development of a Žižekian lens of teacher reflection. This methodological exploration further considers how the Žižekian lens can functions as a unique contribution to both teacher education and the philosophy of education through the exploration of particular pathways of teacher consciousness and misrecognitions of self-identity in relation to the discourse of education. Following Žižek, teacher reflection is an act of resistance to this discourse that begins with uncovering the failure of our own perception as the result of a misperception at the limits of being in/through the big Other thereby reifying our own existence. Using various reflexive pathways and intellectual trajectories, each of the chapters within this research examines my self-identity as a teacher in relation complex system of philosophical inquiry within the daily reality of my classroom. Each reflexive passage or point of reflexive analysis represents the transition from an epistemological void (un-knowing) to an ontological one (being)—or, more precisely, the reflexive passage from grappling with the inaccessible thing beyond the subject’s reach to an understanding of my-self as subject itself, as the Thing incapable of being reduced that is the (Lacanian) Real of reality. This empty point of negativity is the negation of all determinacy and it is within this space devoid of all content that I am is able to reflexively encounter my true identity as a teacher.

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Philosophy Commons