Date of Award


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Doctor of Education (EdD)


College of Education, Doctoral Program

First Advisor

Goulah, Jason

Second Advisor

Conklin, Hilary

Third Advisor

Ayers, William


This study asked, what value is created by two education practitioner-scholars who engage in a years-long sustained dialogue about value-creating, or Soka, education inspired by Daisaku Ikeda’s ethos of value-creative dialogue? The purpose of this study was to analyze Ikeda’s philosophical perspectives and practice of value-creative dialogue and to use this analysis as a framework for analyzing the author’s own inner transformation and value creation through dialogue with her friend and interlocutor for the study. The study empirically evaluated the content of Ikeda’s dialogues as the theme of dialogue emerged and evolved over time in Ikeda’s discourse by using thematic analysis. In order to conduct the dialogues, we employed a method of dialogic inquiry that evolved organically and aligned with a participatory inquiry paradigm. Findings focused on purposes and types of value-creative dialogue, influences on and processes of value-creative dialogue, and outcomes of value-creative dialogue, and highlighted the power of dialogue for inner transformation toward value creation. This study is the first to empirically analyze the practice of value-creating dialogue in the emerging field of Ikeda/Soka Studies in Education. Implications for teacher practice and for dialogic research design include the use of dialogue for teacher professional development, practical applications of value-creating education, and the use of dialogic inquiry in qualitative research.

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