The New Education Law in Indonesia: Power Relations in the context of National Reformation and Globalization

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Master of Arts (MA)


College of Education, Department of Educational Policy Studies and Research


This thesis is discussing the education reform in Indonesia in the context of national reformation and globalization. The process of reforming education system, achieved through renewing the education law, is not a process that is free from power struggle. The process turns out to be affected not only by forces embedded in the field of education itself, but by the competing forces struggling in the political, economic, social, and religious fields, either in the national or global international levels. In this context, the new education law [UU No.20/2003] can be viewed not only as a means for improving the national education quality, but also as a means by which religious power resists against the power of globalization and neo-imperialism, as well as produces and reproduces national identity.


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