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Doug Bruno, Head Coach of DePaul Women's Basketball shown on READ poster.

Personal Remarks

'Up From Slavery by Booker' T. Washington is one of my favorite reads. Washington's life as a freed slave, who opened Tuskegee Institute as an opportunity for Freed Slaves to become College Educated is a fascinating book on Education. Booker T. Washington's political struggles to raise money is also a fascinating insight into Post Slavery America.

Tom Brokaw's 'The Greatest Generation' is also a favorite of mine. Since my Mother was WWII Marine and my Dad a WWII member of the Army stationed in Asia, I am fascinated to still talk to the remaining Men and Women who served during World War II. Brokaw does a great job of helping future generations understand the sacrifices made by so many of our WWII Vets and all Americans during this time.

A book I try to read once a year is Jeff Janssen's 'Championship Team Building.' Janssen has written a great primer on the basic elements of team building and I try to re-remind myself of these basic Team Building Fundamentals at least once per year.

Featured Books

Up from Slavery, Booker T. Washington


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