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Antonio J. Polo, PhD

Project Abstract

More than 30% of adolescents in the US have an anxiety disorder (NIMH, 2017). Perfectionistic self-presentation (GoyaArce&Polo,2016) and acculturative stress (Suarez-Morales&Lopez,2009) are both risk factors of anxiety among young Latinos/as, yet their interplay has not been evaluated. We hypothesize that high acculturative stress will lead to high perfectionistic self-presentation, which in turn will lead to higher anxiety in Latino/a-Youth. Participants include 530 middle school students (54% female). The study includes data from classroom surveys using measures such as the Acculturation Stress Scale (Vega,1995), Youth Self Report (YSR;Achenbach&Rescorla,2001), and Perfectionistic Self-Presentation Scale-Junior Form (PSPS-Jr; Hewitt et al. 2011). ​Using the PROCESS command (Hayes,2013) results indicate that, as predicted, perfectionism significantly mediates the relation between acculturative stress and anxiety, ​b= .92, 95% BCa CI [0.39, 1.58]. ​These findings aid in the development and adaptation of interventions for Latino/a-Youth.

Type of Research

Doctoral-Undergraduate Opportunity for Scholarship (DUOS)


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Presentation Year

May 2019