Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations

Faculty Sponsor, if applicable

Joseph Ferrari

Project Abstract

Some homeless persons sleep on the street
each night, while others maintain a quasipermanent
residence in shelters or stay with
friends for a few nights a week. Such variation
of situation contributes to a variety of opinions
on what it means to be homeless and the extent
to which they believe they can secure and
maintain a truly permanent living situation.
Data were collected from adult participants
attending a weekend retreat focusing on
recovery from homelessness and addiction
through spiritual growth.
Non-denominational Christian services
were provided, and participants were given
time throughout the retreat for personal
introspection. Shelter and food was provided,
but participants received access to amenities
whether they engaged in the spiritual offerings
or not.

Type of Research

Graduate Student - Independent Study


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Presentation Year

May 2017