Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations

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Joseph Ferrari

Project Abstract

Services for homeless men and women are provided by government and private sectors to meet employment, food, and shelter needs.We assessed a non-profit agency offering spiritual weekend retreats to homeless adults in recovery from substance abuse (n = 86). All participants in the present study participated in a weekend spiritual retreat targeted for homeless adults with substance abuse histories. Each retreat includes 12 participants and 4 facilitators, and all retreats occurred in the Chicago area. Each retreat is non-denominational in focus (hence, the term spiritual instead of religious retreat), but it includes aspects of 12-step programs and a focus of one’s relationship to a Higher Power. Data were collected at baseline (start of the retreat), the end of the retreat, and then at a 1-month follow-up reunion. Specifically, we explored how participants have dealt with addiction and possibly recovery, experience self-reported levels of self-worth and loneliness compared to those who do not suffer from substance abuse.

Type of Research

Undergraduate Student - Independent Study


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Presentation Year

May 2017