Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations

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Dr. Molly Brown

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As an intern at Tuesday's Child in the TC Scholars Preschool, checking the goals of each child is necessary in assessing their needs. Each child is working on something different, like keeping their body in their own space, using their words, and sharing their peers. Interns must consistently praise each child for using their words, keeping their body in their own space, and sharing with their peers because these actions show each child's growth in achieve their goals. "Tuesday’s Child enables families to thrive through positive parent training, inclusive behavioral classrooms and support services. Our proven model impacts home, school, and the community." Tuesday's Child meets the specific needs of this population through the usage of an individualized approach to better address each family's specific needs. The evidence-based practices used provide beneficial training for both the parents and the child. The services that Tuesday’s Child provides is, TC Scholars Preschool, Classroom Intervention, Behavioral Summer Camp, IEP Support for Parents, Outreach Services, Prevention Initiative, and Friendship Club. As an intern, you would either be in the TC Scholars Preschool or the Classroom Intervention your supervisor will let you know which room you are in on your first day. If you are interested, apply on Handshake for a quick response.

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Human Services Concentration


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