Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations


Maria Mattox

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Dr. Molly Brown

Project Abstract

This presentation will describe an internship experience at DePaul Family and Community Services (FCS). The mission of this organization is to strengthen and empower families and communities through innovative, evidence based, community-oriented services and the training of culturally competent, socially responsible professionals. DePaul FCS offers a variety of mental health services to children and families including individual and group counseling, family therapy, play therapy, parent-child interaction therapy, psychiatric assessments, psychological testing, and school-based services. Common issues for treatment are depression, anxiety, trauma, behavioral issues, and parenting stress. DePaul FCS is committed to working with schools, healthcare providers, community councils and other social service organizations in order to increase access to mental health services for children and families. Senior interns at DePaul FCS are placed with a specialty team. This presentation describes an internship experience as part of the parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT) specialty team. Some responsibilities of an intern at DePaul FCS include participating in meetings, assisting with program maintenance, assisting with administrative work, and observing therapy cases. This presentation with conclude with application information for interested future interns.

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