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Dr. Jocelyn Carter

Project Abstract

This study explored the differential impact of family and friend support on PA in female college students from poor, low income, middle income, and high-income backgrounds. The sample was 150 female undergraduates (ages 18-24). Participants completed self-report questionnaires about PA habits, supportive social relationships, and life stress. Moderated regression analyses and correlations examined the influence of SES on family and friend support and PA. The overall model was significant (R2 = .39, F(8, 112) = 8.13, p < .001). SES moderated the impact of family support (β = -1.4, p < .01) and friend support (β = .84, p < .01) on PA. In the lowest income group, family support and PA were positively correlated (r(14) = .72, p < .01). For middle income, both family support and friend support were positively correlated p < .05) and (r(80) = .32, p < .01), respectively. For the highest income, neither family nor friend support was significantly correlated with PA. Family support is related to PA in lower income, but not high-income groups. Friend support is only related to PA in middle income students. Family may be especially motivating for PA in individuals with lower SES which has important physical health implications.

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Doctoral-Undergraduate Opportunity for Scholarship (DUOS)


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