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Leonard A. Jason

Project Abstract

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has globally disrupted the lives of everyone, drastically and dramatically; the consequences of which will persist long after the virus has been contained. This disruption is especially true for marginalized populations, such as those seeking recovery from substance use disorder (SUD). With the onset of COVID-19, as stay-at-home orders and quarantine restrictions are affecting the way people interact, the SUD recovery community has been forced to adapt. The purpose of this research is to explore some of the ways in which recovery outcomes have been established and how those behaviors might find translatable success in an online format. The research team is interested in finding out how effective virtual meetings are compared to in-person meetings, identifying aspects of virtual meetings that are more conducive to positive recovery outcomes, and how to improve the quality of virtual meetings in areas where in-person meetings outperform. Our research will explore how these behaviors can successfully be translated to the virtual format, in order that the tools of recovery can be democratized for the digital age.

Type of Research

Graduate Student - Independent Study


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