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Dr. Yan Li

Project Abstract

The present study examined gender as the moderator of the associations between social status insecurity (SSI) dimensions and future emotional and behavioral difficulties in a sample of Chinese seventh to ninth graders. Longitudinal relationships between dimensions of social status insecurity and emotional difficulties were found in adolescent boys only, not in girls. Social status insecurity was not found to be longitudinally associated with behavioral difficulties in neither boys nor girls. SSI was positively related to emotional difficulties in boys, offering partial support for our hypotheses. The findings that SSI was not longitudinally related to emotional difficulties in girls suggest that emotional difficulties displayed in girls in the current sample may not be accounted for by the level of SSI they experienced previously. In fact, regardless of how much SSI they experienced, these girls had undergone relatively high emotional difficulties. Moreover, SSI dimensions were not related to future behavioral difficulties in neither group, suggesting that the longitudinal effect of SSI may be more salient in relation to emotional difficulties. Overall, the present findings demonstrate some important gender differences in the relations between SSI and adolescents’ emotional adjustment such that boys may be longitudinally more reactive to SSI.

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Doctoral-Undergraduate Opportunity for Scholarship (DUOS)


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