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Meridith Townsend

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Dr. Theresa Luhrs

Project Abstract

Previous studies have shown that people with a disability historically have had struggles in hiring and selection processes. Some research has hinted at a possible connection between the type of disability an individual has in relation to whether or not he or she moves forward in the selection process (Gouvier, 2003). It has also been found that people in the position to hire often find themselves struggling between wanting to be inclusive and welcoming to all, but still under pressure from subliminal forces to possibly not hire a person with a disability (Araten-Bergam, 2016). The study explores the current social perception and openness in hiring a person with a disability and determine if people’s opinion towards a person with a disability has changed. The four levels being evaluated were: paralysis, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or no disability. The hypothesis is people with a disability will be less often asked to move forward in the hiring process as compared to their able-bodied peers. After conducting a one-way between subject ANOVA, it was discovered that there appears to be no substantial difference in hiring people without a disability compared to those with a disability.

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