Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations


Sampson A. Marks

Faculty Sponsor, if applicable

Dr. Molly Brown

Project Abstract

This presentation will describe an internship experience created out of necessity for students in PSY 395 during the COVID-19 pandemic, titled the PSY 395 Class Advocacy Project. This project’s primary focus was the mental health of youth of color activists. It began by members researching and understanding the stressors that youth of color face. Once the group had delved deeply into the literature regarding the trauma of youth of color activists, it was realized that the group and its goals needed to be focusing on the resiliency and strengths that youth of color activists possess in order to combat white supremacy within institutions and systems such as higher education and human services. Once the group understood this as one endeavor of the project, it was better able to focus on what activities and “services” they wanted to provide. Part of the group partnered with the Revolutionary Oak Park Youth Action League (ROYAL) to provide the youth tutoring. The group shared ROYAL’s social media posts and fundraisers and attended ROYAL events. This group project offered its members/interns many resources to equip themselves with in order to fight white supremacy within human services and work toward abolishing the prison industrial complex. The class project may not exist next year, but the poster will offer some contact information for Dr. Brown, Sampson A. Marks, and ROYAL.

Type of Research

Human Services Concentration


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