Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations

Faculty Sponsor, if applicable

Christine Reyna, PhD and Bernadette Sanchez, PhD

Project Abstract

The Role of Ethnic Identity and Helping Others Latina girls face various social struggles characterized by their double minority identity as girls of color. Such experiences may be heightened in STEM fields given their male-dominated nature, requiring examination of educational aspirations and external factors that may influence STEM involvement. This project examines the role of ethnic identity and a desire to help others in their interest towards a science career. Participants completed a survey regarding educational aspirations, ethnic identity, and science interest. Regression analysis was used to investigate the mediational role of helping others in science on the association between ethnic identity and science interest. Ethnic identity did not predict science interest; however, further results indicated that an interest in helping others through science mediated this relationship (β = .87, p < .01). Implications regarding

Type of Research

Undergraduate Student - Independent Study


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Presentation Year

May 2019