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Joesph Ferrari

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New legislation now expands access to veterans medical coverage to private sector (USDVA, 2019). Men and women psychological level of hope can be influenced by medical insurance treatment. High levels of hope were reported to have greater positive benefits for personal adjustment and global life satisfaction. Hope can presence as a dualism that presences in belief that influentially primes one’s perceived procrascrastic-native capacity to initially engage and sustainability hearten behavioral activation toward working health goals. According to Oxford University, dispositional hope has been linked to positive physical and mental health outcomes with higher hoping individuals associated with greater intentions to engage in cancer prevention behavior, better pain management, greater pain tolerance and better psychological adjustment (Chadwich, 2017). Community Psychologist are interested in extrapolating on if men and women hopefulness depends on medical coverage and how hope levels of veterans with medical insurance treatment may differ. Data were collected by the online database Prolific Academic using the 2011 Anthony Scioli 56-item 14-subscale 5-factor Integrated Trait Hope Scale.

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May 2019