Cheng-Yung Kuo

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2012 interview with Cheng-Yung Kuo by Matthew Pranica


Bio: Cheng-Yung Kuo was born and raised in Taiwan. He immigrated to the United States 11 years ago to study art. Enrolling in a community college on the south side of Chicago he graduated with honors as a Phi Theta Kappa All-USA Academic Team Nominee in 2006. He transferred to the School of Art Institute of Chicago to receive his Bachelors of Fine Arts. In 2009 he received his Masters of Fine Arts degree from SAIC. Now three years out of college, Cheng-Yung Kuo works at a company called Primitive and works on his personal artwork on the side.

These are links to Cheng-Yung Kuo’s artist profile and personal websites providing an online gallery and information on his up-coming shows.

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