Prem Sharma

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interview with painter Prem Sharma by Ester Lee


Artist Bio [by Ester Lee]: As a co-founder of Apna Ghar, Inc. (Our Home) a shelter for surviving women and children of domestic violence was founded in 1989, Prem Sharma also helped create the Club of Indian Women and the Indo-Crisis Line prior to this. Since moving to Chicago in 1972, Ms. Sharma has been actively involved with various South Asian organizations such as Chitrahar (South Asian television show), India Tribune, The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, the Association of Indians in America, and the Indian Medical Association. An accomplished self-taught artist, Ms. Sharma has supported the arts and culture in Chicago's South Asian community and served as a member of the Governor's Advisory Council on Asian Affairs, the Illinois Arts Council, and the Alsdorf Gallery at the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently, Ms. Sharma serves on the Board of the Indo-American Heritage Museum. Ms. Sharma has been married to Dr. Umesh Sharma for 45 years. She also has a daughter, Monika, and a son, Sandeep, who is married to Jankhana. Ms. Sharma is the proud grandmother of grandson, Jayden. Sandeep, Jankhana and Jayden live in India. She spent time with her grandson last year for two months and she is more than happy to take care of him again now for a longer time period. She says. “I am watching him grow, which is very nice.” Which grandparent would want to miss their grandchildren growing up since they were born? She is very blessed and proud of her precious family.