Kazua Melissa Vang

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Spring 7-16-2019


Kazua Melissa Vang interview by Justin Beales


Kazua Melissa Vang is a Hmong American filmmaker, visual artist, photographer, teaching artists, production manager, and producer based in Minnesota. Melissa is currently a lead artist as well as a teaching artist for In Progress. Her most two most recent photography works were showcased at In Progress under the exhibit, “NEXUS: Honoring the Self-Taught Photographic Artist” (2016), and “Hmong Tattoo,”(2017). Her current photography project is taking portraits of Hmong refrigerators and freezers. From her collection “F R I D G E S,” was featured in the exhibit, “Foodway”(Summer 2018) at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and is currently featured in “Sib Pauv Zog” (Fall 2018) at the Hennepin Government Center. She has stage managed for Hmong-Lao/Lao-Hmong Friendship Play with Lazy Hmong Woman Productions and is currently producing Hmong Organization, a comedic web series with writer, May Lee-Yang and Peter Yang, and director, Kang Vang. Vang helped run the Qhia Dab Neeg Film Festival from 2015-2017 as a publicist, which features Hmong American films and filmmakers. She is currently developing a short as a writer/director and has produced multiple short films by Asian American filmmakers in the Twin Cities.

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